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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Summarized like that it doesn't make sense but I get what she meant. In short he didn't tell her about pon farr, that is a source of shame for him, because he was scared to lose her.
I agree on that point - I think the Vulcans in general and Spock in particular are probably both ashamed and afraid of pon farr*, he could well fear disgusting and/or hurting Uhura. Sure Sarek and Amanda managed, but this is Spock's first time.

* based mostly on TOS, but I think it's fair to assume anyone reading the comics is a Trekker

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Also I have to note that in no form it's ever implied that he wants to mate with T'pring.
There's not much implied about Spock's frame of mind at all and what there is mostly says he's not over his PTSD, which I liked - just mentioning he had it in the movie is not dealing with it.

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I beg to differ. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't have Spock's speech in that ship on the way to the klingons planet and the writers wouldn't be able to set up his emotional development in the movie that culminated with his reaction when Kirk died.

I think that Kirk's death scene was very out of character for Spock but that speech he made to Uhura makes it a tad less OOC and a tad more justified.
Certainly OOC for TOS Spock, I found it acceptable for this Spock - on the grounds that he's (understandably) unable to deal with anyone he's close to dying.

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I've only watched the 2 films, and that's it. I guess I just don't consume every little bit of S/U that is possibly out there to get the "full experience."
I thought we were now discussing the After Darkness comics, at least in part ?

I think that ST:ID used S/U mostly to shed light on Spock's frame of mind, but that's all I expected from it. I do somewhat regret Uhura's ending up in the girlfriend role, but that's a personal bias.
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