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Re: Enterprise MOVIES and Season 5 gossip

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Shame that the show didn't end on a better note, but neither did the Original Series!
Well, technically, the original series ended with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and that was definitely a high note to end on!

I don't think that Star Trek: Enterprise would have fared well as motion pictures, but I do think it would do well today as made-for-TV movies on Netflix. It could also open the door for Netflix movies of other Trek characters, like a Riker/Titan movie or a Sulu/Excelsior movie. Anything is possible. A lot of people have been saying they would like to see a season 5 of Enterprise, but I think I would prefer a cool trilogy of Enterprise made-for-TV movies for Netflix, which could later be sold on Bluray.
While I don't think that Enterprise movies would've reversed the diminishing returns trend on Trek films at that point save for perhaps a minor bump for novelty, I can see Berman at least having that thought in the back of his mind about where to take the film franchise next.

Oh, I love Trek VI, I was thinking more about "Turnabout Intruder" as a bad way to "end" a series!!! As far as Enterprise movies, I think the scope would have been opened up. Like if that "Star Trek: The Beginning" movie trilogy about the Romulan War had a role for the Enterprise crew in. The only thing I could say that would have been nice about a Enterprise "era" film is that because the audience isn't as familiar with or emotionally invested in the characters the same way a Kirk or Picard are, you could actually have them go through the wringer and take bolder steps with their actions and fates.

As it stands, I think we will not very likely see any more of the "Prime universe" on any screen as far as new stuff goes.
At least we have the novels!!!
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