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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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I was thinking yesterday that voyager would have been a lot better if they had killed some of the main cast off every now and then.

I think it could have added more suspense as you would never have known what would happen each episode rather than know that the main cast would always pull through ok.
No! No! And no again!

I did stop watching when Kes was kicked out. That shows my opinion of changes among the main characters.

As I see it, the most important things for a series is good stories and likeable characters. If the storytelling is bad and those in charge starts to replace good characters now and then, then I lose interest. Which is one reason that I don't like the current Voyager books. Too many good characters missing and too many uninteresting characters who have replaced them.

Voyager's main characters were good and likeable, none of them should have been replaced.
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