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Re: Do I need to Watch Razor?

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I just really want to know what happens. I'm really interested in the last 5 cylon thing, and what will happen to them (and who the fifth one is). I'm also interested to see how the show ends, and if they make it to Earth.
Get ready to be horrifically disappointed.

That said, I'm beyond done with gaius baltar, religious icon.
Oh man, you're so gonna hate where this show is going if you dislike the religious angle . It has just about the worst handling of religion I've seen in a show.

I love the first 2 seasons of BSG. After that it's clear RDM had absolutely no idea where he was going, as plotlines would stop and start at random with only some vague "God did it!" explanation.

Oddly, I really liked the show Caprica despite its flaws. I thought it was going somewhere really interesting.
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