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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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Star Trek: The next movie will probably be a reboot.

The next movie will without any doubt be a continuation of the last two, produced by Bad Robot for Paramount.
Then the next movie after that will be a reboot.

I don't really care what the next movie will be. I said after leaving the theatre when I saw STD that I'm done with Star Trek. But I may be willing to give them one more chance as long as the next movie doesn't feature any of the following:

-A bad guy with a stupid revenge plan

-Earth in immediate danger

-An enormous, evil looking ship, captained by the bad guy. That dwarfs the Enterprise and has many times the fire power.

-A fist fight with the bad guy and the hero, usually with a ticking clock and a super weapon about to go off.

The last three Star Trek movies have had all of the above. And the last six have had two or more of those points. I don't know why these film makers think that Star Trek movies all have to be the same.
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