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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Hola! Well I've watched Trek since I was about 6 (TNG) and by association then watched Voyager and much much later DS9 and Enterprise, but I didn't get around to branching out and becoming interested in OTHER sci fi unti like very recently (Stargate SG1/Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. who, trying to further broaden my horizons).

I'm a 3rd year student in Applied Math. I started out in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla, changed to Computer Engineering when I failed Engineering Physics I b/c I thought I couldn't handle the physics. And then when I had to retake the class anyway and got an A, I decided I COULD so I went back to Aero, but actually from the Math direction. I have two more years to graduate with a BS in Applied Math with Emphasis in Engineering and a minor in Philosophy and then it's off to graduate school for a doctoral program in Astronautics hopefully!

I'm currently working on university research developing satellite propulsion systems for attitude and control functions on low-cost microsatellites. While it's fun stuff because it's my first real experience in R&D, what I really want to get to one day is large scale propulsion systems for manned spacecraft. My current interest for grad school is high-energy propulsion like nuclear, AM-catalyzed fusion and nuclear thermal rockets.

I've always admired Starfleet Chief Engineers, so I'm basically the ST-inspired engine junky, with the half-cocked dream to one day become a real life Zephram Cochrane First Contact and the ENT epi First Flight just make me squee with delight when I imagine humanity possibly being capable of such innovation in the coming decades/century.

My side interests are computer hardware/modding/tweaking, physics & astronomy, classic literature, philosophy, geography and fluid dynamics. Oh and of course, writing Enterprise fanfiction . I'm also considering a second minor in physics as I am currently taking Intro to Quantum and Atomic Physics and it's fascinating the living crap out of me and I'm kicking ass in it too! I'm fascinated by string theory and all manner of Unification!
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