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Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

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How come the ebook releases are "novellas" rather than "novels"?
I'm not sure. Maybe because they can be? Novellas are too short to be sold as standalone print books, but magazines and anthologies rarely publish them. So e-books are kind of the only venue left for stories in that midsize range. We've already got full-length novels and short stories/novelettes in print, so if you're going to do original e-books, why not do something different with them, something that complements what's done in print rather than duplicating it?

I liked the bringing back of Jono and tha Talarians, and the mention of bald tattooed romulan sub-species (like we saw in the first JJ movie).
Not a subspecies, just a subculture/class.
Fair point- I suppose its because I don't read print novels anymore, I read novels on the Kindle, and the UK pricing for the novellas is the same as a full novel, the only difference to me was the length.
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