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Re: Enterprise had the best looking phaser beams

Now I love the attention to detail anime gives to directed energy beams.
The toho superweapon books were nice--I wish I had picked them up

My favorite so far was from the remake of Invaders from Mars where you had rings surrounding the beams.

Sadly real beams will be invisible active denial beams. Very contentrated beams might be rather like an invisible Jason Voorhees looping through victims with monofiliment lines.

You see people silently cut in two, limbs falling off perhaps. Ugh.

Laser/phser fights seem more like squirt gun fights with the beam splattering on contact with people, where they just grad their chest and fall down stunned.

I wish that was all that ever happened on the battle field.

The electrolaser is about as good as it will ever get with non-lethal weapons that don't have wires, shotgun shells.
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