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Re: If VI had featured Saavik instead of Valeris as the traitor

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You don't think Tim Russ was in the same league as Nimoy and Lenard?
I really don't. Sorry.
No need to apologize. It's a perfectly valid opinion, even if I don't agree. I was simply wondering whether that was indeed your opinion of Russ, or if you'd just overlooked him.
They key to playing Vulcans is not to play them as emotionless robots. It's not that they don't have emotions like Data, it's that they have incredibly strong emotions bubbling under a tightly controlled veneer of logic and self-control. Nimoy was the master, and Lenard was superb too - and I think Quinto and Ben Cross did well too. Kirstie Alley and Kim Catrall got it as well.

Russ, however, too often played Tuvok like a robot. I don't know if it's his limitations as an actor or the writing, though I suspect it's a bit of both. Same with Robin Curtis, though in her case it's definitely more of the former.
She bought her first new car and you hit her with a drunk driver. What, is that supposed to be funny?
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