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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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And yet Belz, I've pointed out more than once that moneyless societies have proven to be quite functional.
I must've missed it. Which real-life societies are functional without money, aside from primitive tribes ?
TheGoodNews has brought up a single semi-modern example of moneyless communities in pre-WWII Spain. The problem with his one example is that it's impossible to know if it would have worked over a protracted period of time, or with a large population group.

The small moneyless communities backed the losing side (the Frente Popular) in the Spanish civil war and the moneyless experiment cease to exist.

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... quite functional.
Even you would have to admit that that is quite a stretch.

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That raises another interesting point. If Starfleet officers are not getting paid and they're free to resign at any point, as we've seen, how would punishment ever be enforced?
First it's not clear that Starfleet officers aren't receiving pay, some very obviously have financial means.

Using a comparison to modern militaries, people who have been found to have committed an illegal offense prior to leaving the service, they (as a civilian) can still be tried in a military court of law. Even if your offense isn't discovered for many years.

If brought up on changes, simply resigning wouldn't get you out of legal prosecution. If found guilty, simply having resigned wouldn't prevent your punishment.

If your offense was severe enough, you might be expelled from the service after serving your sentence.

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