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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Astronauts on some kind of star trek.
B is for Betazoid. Deanna Troi was half Betazoid and the other half Human.
C is for Constable Odo.
D is for Decius, one of the highest-ranking officers aboard the Romulan vessel that penetrated Federation space and destroyed several border outposts in 2266.
E is for Elaysian. What Melora was in the DS9 episode Melora.
F is for the Fabrini people of the multigenerational asteroid ship Yonada. In 2268 their leader was Natira.
G is for Gorn uniforms. Now that's what I call style.
H is for Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Onetime owner of the biggest belt buckle in the Alpha Quadrant.
I is for Interstellar Law.
J is for Jim. James Kirk's nickname in both the Prime and the Abrams timelines.
K is for Kim Cattrall.
L is for Landru's holoprojection. It momentarily fooled Kirk into believing that the ancient ruler was in the same room as the Enterprise landing party.
M is for Melora. She was Elaysian? I've have to go back and watch it.
N is for No Kill I. As close to love poetry as we're likely to get from a Horta.
O is for Ocampans. Bad candidates for long-term relationships.
P is for Perrin, the second wife of Sarek of Vulcan in the Prime timeline. Or the third, depending on whether or not he ever married the mother of Sybok.
Q is for Quadrotriticale. Catnip for tribbles.
R is for Red Matter.
S is for Stonn of Vulcan. He didn't say much, but the chicks loved him.
T is for T'Pol's bum. The loveliest bum in the Star Fleet.
U is for United States, a global superpower on Earth at the time of several different time travel incidents involving Starfleet officers from the future.
V is for Varul. A Romulan insult.
W is for Warships. Jem'Hadar and Kazon ones could be enormous.
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