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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Well, she did need help. You saw the film. That's how the scene played out.
I saw the film, and it was Spock who was the one in desperate need of help on all accounts. He would could be dead if it wasn't for Uhura running to his rescue. Even if he made it, he had such a bad anger trip, that he would have crossed the line, killed Khan and messed everything. So not only a woman saved a physically stronger Vulcan, a woman – much against stereotypes of an emotional woman touted in TOS – helped a Vulcan of all people compose himself.

She also fearlessly confronted a superhuman who a strong Vulcan could not handle, and her "ineffectual" phaser stun shots were what helped bring him down, saving the day, despite Spock's punches that finished the job.

But maybe she should have set her phaser to kill as a vain display of strength. Or physically confronted Khan, despite being physically weaker. Or maybe she should have pulled a Pippi Longstocking to deliver the ultimate shocker.
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