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Re: Inspiration & Information

Excellent! This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to see: 'cross-pollination!' :thumbsup: There are all sorts of inspirations out there, and they aren't all limited to spaceships, aliens and ray guns. Admittedly, I'm a car nut myself, so Trosley's work is very familiar to me (in fact, I was just looking at his art in a Street Rodder magazine!); my love of drawing cars is where my own artistic side began, and it's that practice that informed my attempts to draw spaceships, too (and even aliens and ray guns ).

Some very good resources here, everyone! I'm glad to see that people are so enthusiastic and so helpful; the cross-section of inspiration is a real eye-opener! Keep 'em comin'!

EDIT: In the spirit of cross-pollination, here's a great place to look for style: Car Design News - Portfolios. Most of the artists whose work is here are students looking for professional work, or professionals looking for new challenges. A lot of original expressions, and very sleek and thought-provoking concepts; when you think about it, aren't future car concepts 'science fiction?'
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