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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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I also don't understand your last argument. You first seem to argue that Starfleet is exclusively the military because historically, the military has performed every function Starfleet performs. But you then go on to use that claim to seat a further claim that Starfleet, somehow, is exclusively the military because it is operating in an environment which differs sharply from those historically operated in by the military. That seems contradictory to me.
Sorry, it's a carry-over from other times I've had this discussion, though the issue hadn't actually come up in this thread. Specifically, people often argue that Starfleet can't possibly be a military because the ships carry a decent sized science staff and there are science officers on the senior staff and in the chain of command. After all, in the navy it's unlikely you'll find a scientist with a full-time bridge position. But, given the scientific nature of space, a space military would have to have a science staff on hand, with a science officer with some authority over the crew.

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on DS9 it's implied Christianity is still being practiced.
Is it? I don't remember that.
When Sisko and Kassidy Yates are planning their marriage, Sisko asks if it okay to have Admiral Ross perform the ceremony, to which Kassidy agrees despite her mother's wish of a ceremony done by "a minister." Admittedly, "a minister" doesn't necessarily mean Christianity, but it does imply someone religious, at least.
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