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Re: At War With The Romulan Empire?

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Later episodes of TNG kind of ignore that fact from The Neutral Zone. Hell, The Neutral Zone itself contradicted Angel One which implied the Federation and the Romulans were on the verge of war.
The 53-year period of Romulan isolationism may be in regards to no diplomatic contact (or communications period) with the Romulans during that time, but they were still perceived as a threat nevertheless from past history (the most recent events being the Khitomer massacre and the loss of the Enterprise-C). In "Angel One," the Federation became anxious from just deep-space scans of Romulan vessels mobilizing near the Neutral Zone.
Yes, but they also had enough solid information for Data to calculate TO THE MINUTE how long the border outpost and USS Berlin could withstand the Romulan attack. That would need a lot of solid information.

Originally it was going to be the Ferengi until they didn't quite work out as villains, and the matter was not helped by the script of The Neutral Zone.
Interesting. They should have stuck with the Ferengi anyway. It's not like they would have been featured in the episode. Ah well.
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