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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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It is not absurd, and you may be laughing but a lot of other people are not, including myself.
The suggestion that the writers had a fully automated pistol from the future fire weakly because it was handled by a woman is exactly that. This is something that a comedian would use to mock sexism through hyperbole. That is something a sexist would use as a tongue-in-cheek to pretend they've been joking all along when they realise they've gone too far. Should anyone ever suggest something like this for real, the most anti-women people will not take it seriously.

Even in the time we still used muskets, we knew that a loaded musket fired the same whether the trigger was pulled by a man, woman, child, bear, cat, parrot, or the wind. The steel spring strikes the flint all the same, and the gun powder expands in the barrel all the same. Common knowledge, now engrained in the human mind. There is absolutely no circumstance under which anyone, not even people from the 15th century, would expect a weapon to have a different yield depending on the gender of the people holding it.

If this is there to discredit women, is so bad an idea that it wouldn't fly in the past six centuries.
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