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Re: Watching TOS Again From The Beginning

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I don't understand why most of these threads need to take digs at the Abrams-verse?
I didn't know this was a "thing".

I am sorry if this trend bothers you but I can only state part of the reason why *I* am doing it and that involves re-connecting with the original crew, of whom I was OBSESSED when I was younger.

I was born in 1970 and thus for the first seventeen years of my life, they were ALL I had when it came to ST. I awaited each of the original films like a dehydrated man in the desert awaits a cup of water.

I HUGELY enjoyed the ST reboot film in '09 and can remember like it was yesterday leaning over to my partner at one point during the film saying, "This is REALLY entertaining!" The newest film, however, is a mess. There are posters here with whom I have had regular private conversations regarding my EXTREME desire to not have Khan as the villain(eighteen months before the film came out). I also do not like that we have gone to great pains to create a new ST universe but now just want to re-tread old ground. For something like ST that should be creating a new mythos it seems lazy and redundant to just bring back watered down versions of old bad guys.


And again, I am sorry if lots of other people are bashing it - I was unaware of that and can and WILL ONLY speak for MYSELF. I take no responsibility for what other people post in their viewing threads and will not stifle myself if even one hundred others have said the same things. The bad taste left in my mouth from STID was only PART OF THE REASON I wanted to re-watch TOS. I also will not apologize for the affect STID had on me.

In the meantime I will continue to enjoy a show that I revered and loved as a child and teenager.
Yeah, the Abrams non-love is definitely a thing, from what I've seen.

It helps that you explained how you have enjoyed at least half of the rebooted ST universe; it makes a difference compared to random people signing up for the forum all of a sudden, declaring their hatred of the whole reboot for fanatical reasons, acting as if their opinion is fact, and wishing they could remove the Abrams movies from existence and thusly deprive those of us who enjoyed them for the sake of a fanatically applied principle. Glad you liked the first one, hope the next one will be more original and/or to your liking.

I've been going through a bunch of the old episodes myself, I started watching a couple of them as a lead-in to the new movie just for fun...but they're so addicting, frankly, that I've found myself carrying on even after I'd seen the new movie twice (I liked it as well as the 2009 movie, I know, YMMV). I haven't been watching them in any particular order, simply bouncing around all over between all three seasons, picking which ever ones I wanted to watch.

It's nice that I'm not even put off by some of the stories that are usually regarded as average or below average, so they've all been fun. I'm watching the non-remastered versions, because it wouldn't be the same without those reliable stock shots of the Enterprise that they use endlessly, that are so engrained in my head.

Have fun with it!
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