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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

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IThe question is, is it responsible to knowingly raise a child in the kind of environment where hostile aliens are regularly beaming themselves upon the ship and holding it hostage?

Can you provide the kind of socialization with children of the same age that people generally believe necessary to the healthy development of a human being? The same security? Will the crew treat you the same based on making either decision?
Interesting question, but you need to look at the past not the future for the answer. I live in Texas, less than 150 years ago people were coming here, raising families and trying to build a life with lots of Comanches all around, killing people and taking their children captive. Was it irresponsible and did they socialize their children correctly? You will probably get some argument right now LOL, but I blame that all on our idiot Governor and his gerrymandered legislature.

But that same statement can be made about any place in North or South America and you only have to change the name of the Indian tribe. Actually through out human history, traveling to a new place and making homes and families in hostile environments is the norm not the exception for at least the Human Race.
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