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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Anyone else of getting sick of Batman getting dozens of cartoon shows made about him?
Clearly the mass audience isn't. They wouldn't keep making Batman shows if they weren't what the public wanted. Comics fans may wish for more and different superhero shows, but the general public seems to have an ongoing love affair with Batman. I can't blame the makers of commercial television for going where the money is. They couldn't afford to keep making shows at all if they didn't get a large enough audience for them.

Where is the next Superman cartoon? I thought we would have gotten one by now with the hype over MOS.
Perhaps WB was waiting to see how the movie performed before gambling on a tie-in cartoon. Given WB's past track record with non-Batman superhero movies, I can't blame them for being cautious. Maybe we'll get a Superman cartoon in time for MOS2.

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
^^ Indeed. There's probably enough Batman out there to have a 24-hour Batman Channel.
Hmm, just for the heck of it, let's see...

1966 Batman series: 120 episodes + 1 feature film = 62 hours
Filmation Adventures of Batman (1969): 17 episodes = 8.5 hours
Filmation New Adventures of Batman (1977): 16 episodes = 8 hours
Burton movies: c. 6 hours (w/ commercials)
Schumacher movies: c. 6 hours (w/ commercials)
Nolan movies: c. 11.5 hr (w/ commercials)
Batman: TAS/New Batman Adventures: 109 eps + 3 movies = c. 60 hr
Batman Beyond: 52 eps + 1 movie = 28 hr
The Batman: 65 eps = 32.5 hr
Batman: The Brave and the Bold: 65 eps + 1 movie = 34.5 hr
DC Universe Animated Original Movies: c. 8 films = 16 hr (w/ commercials)
Birds of Prey: 13 hr

If we add the various Justice League shows/films:
Super Friends franchise: 31 1-hour segments + 78 half-hour segments = c. 70 hours
Justice League/JL Unlimited: 91 eps = 45.5 hr
Young Justice: 46 eps = 23 hr
DC Universe movies: 4 movies = c. 8 hr (w/ ads)

That's not even counting the '40s serials (its 17-minute episodes would be hard to fit into a TV format, and the first one's pretty racist) or the various Batman guest appearances on Scooby-Doo, Superman, Static Shock, and the like.

But as it is, it adds up to c. 286 hours of Batman content, which would only fill up 11.9 days. Add the Justice League material and you get another 146.5 hours, for a total of 432.5 hours = c. 18 days. You could probably throw in various documentaries to pad it out, but we're still talking less than two and a half weeks' worth of content, which isn't enough to sustain a whole 24-hour channel. Even if it were 16 hours of Batman/JL by day and 8 hours of infomercials every night, you'd still have not quite a month's worth of content.

If you added all the DC shows and movies, then you'd get significantly more content. Let's see, for Superman:

Fleischer shorts: maybe 4.5 hr with ads
Adventures of Superman: 52 hr
Filmation animated Superman/Superboy cartoons: c. 17 hr
Seven feature films (counting Supergirl): c. 19 hr
'88 Superboy: 50 hr
Lois & Clark: 43.5 hr
Smallville: 109 hr
'88 animated series: 6.5 hr
S:TAS: 27 hr
Legion of Super Heroes: 13 hr
Krypto the Superdog: 19.5 hr
DVD movies not counted above: c. 10 hr w/ ads

Total: c. 371 hr

Well, that's interesting. Cumulatively, Superman content onscreen considerably outweighs Batman content, even though the emphasis has shifted heavily in Batman's favor in more recent times. Now we're up to a total of 803.5 hours of content, which in our overnight-infomercial model would give us 50.5 days' worth of content, or just under 33.5 days of a 24-hour schedule.

Let's see what else I can add in. Wonder Woman:

'74 pilot: c. 2 hr with ads*
Lynda Carter series: 59 hr
'09 movie: c. 2 hr with ads

* This would've aired in a 90-minute time slot, but these days there are far more commercials per hour.

Total: 63 hr

Other '60s Filmation superhero shorts: c. 13.5 hr worth (w/ ads)
Filmation Shazam/Isis: 25 hr
Filmation Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam: 18.5 hr*
The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show: 65 hr (apparently!)
The Flash (1990): 22 hr
Swamp Thing movies: 4 hr w/ ads
Swamp Thing: The Series: 36 hr
Swamp Thing animated series**: 2.5 hr
Human Target (1992): 7 hr
Human Target (2010): 25 hr
Arrow: 23 hr to date
Teen Titans: 32.5 hr
Teen Titans Go!: ??? (season 1 still in progress)
Green Lantern: TAS: 13 hr

*Had 25 distinct hourlong blocks, but only 12 distinct Shazam segments which would've been repeated alongside the 25 Hero High segments
**Seriously. Its theme song was a pastiche of "Wild Thing" (Swamp Thing... You are a-ma-zing...) and it was cancelled after 5 episodes.

Total: 289+ hr

And other DC superhero feature films (all w/ ads):
Steel: 2 hr
Catwoman: 2 hr
Watchmen: c. 3.5 hr
Jonah Hex: 2 hr
Green Lantern: 2.5 hr

Total: 12 hr

So, still not counting old movie serials (or the DC Nation shorts, which could be inserted at various places to pad out short runtimes), we've got 1167.5 hours of DC superhero content in existence, which at 16 hours a day would provide 73 days of content. It's possible I've gotten my sums a bit wrong here and there, but we only need a rough figure.

So a 24-hour Batman channel is pushing it, but an all-DC superhero channel with overnight infomercials is arguably within the realm of possibility.

EDIT: Okay, I just reread this whole post, and I have one question: Why the hell did I just do that?
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