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Re: Future of the "Terminator" Franchise (Discussion, Rumors, Spoilers

Frontier wrote: View Post
No offense, but we've had generic "future of the Terminator franchise" for years now, with only the barest outlines of hard news to go on. Wake me when a full cast is signed and a production date set, if y'all will.
The ambiguity of things is why I didn't start this thread years ago, back in 2011, when the rights where bought and Arnold said he'd be back.

What's different now is that we're hearing a lot of news and rumors, and even official press releases, production details, release dates, so on and so forth.

Pilot Ace wrote: View Post
My interest in this is super low unless they bring Josh Friedman, creator of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, to write it. He gets Terminator, IMO.

Also, please no Arnold. Anything but a cameo places way too many limits on this thing. If Bale gets near this I'm also out. I hated him as John.

Really, all I want is a continuation of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Not going to happen, my friend. I think SCC is considered the least successful of the post-Jim Cameron involvement Terminator stuff. At least, financially.

I liked the show too, wish it hasn't ended as it did. But what you and I think doesn't matter w/Hollywood.

It's reboot+sequel rage out there...

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
I like the fact they want to make a trilogy, yet only have until 2019 to do so.

So unless they make the first one to see if it makes money, then make the next two movies at the same time for a 2017 and 2018 release we will probably never get a full story they want to tell.
Actually, as long as they're in some stage of production of the 3rd film by 2019, they're fine -- I think. Pretty sure that so long as they "break ground" on the 3rd film by December 31, 2019, they're good to go from there. So it actually gives them another year or two of wiggle-room.
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