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I believe that Mr. Roddenberry had the right to be called the creator of this franchise, but it was the work of others who made it possible for the franchise to be both believable and sustainable. When Mr. Roddenberry exerted his influence, as happened in TNG, he created unrealistic hurdles that hurt the storytelling potential of the franchise.
Roddenberry came up with the idea of Star Trek, that's it. It was a good idea, which spawned the very franchise which is so near and dear to us all, but the idea was all he did. It was his writing and production staff that took that idea and developed it into the show we all know and love. Hell, a lot of Trek's more memorable and popular aspects actually come to us from folks like Gene L Coon and DC Fontana.

Roddenberry's delusions of how the future should be with TNG aren't necessarily the problem, but rather the god-like reverence Paramount held Roddenberry in and refused to contradict that vision. Even then, quite a bit of his ideas were abandoned over time. Star Trek never went in for his ideas of future sex, Deanna Troi did not have four breasts or whatever. Even his idea that religion be abandoned in the 24th century, which was basically the premise behind Who Watches the Watchers and which Picard speaks of at great length is seemingly ignored later on when we learn Native Americans still practice their spiritual beliefs and on DS9 it's implied Christianity is still being practiced.

Two of Roddenberry's ideas are still clung to and will never be ignored. 24th century humans do not have conflict with each other, which is adhered to so strictly that we do a prequel series to get some conflict and when that fails we reboot the whole damn thing. Starfleet is not a military, which we are still adhering to even after a damn reboot.
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