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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Hi all. Early on I was fast-tracked to become Earth's evil overlord, though for the time being budgetary constraints force a diversion of funding from maintaining my army of flying monkeys to techno-droid R&D, as the monkeys had difficulties adapting to helmet displays with built-in GPS interface.

I became interested in astronomy very early, when I gazed up and imagined all the potential worlds to conquer. Sadly, our space flight capabilities have badly lagged my appetite for oppressive totalitarian rule, but hopefully new advances in technology will hasten my inevitable galactic conquest.

As for more pedestrian pursuits, I've ground a few telescope mirrors, which helps distract me from torturing my hunchback apprentices, and figured out sword physics, which was once well understood (1600's) but become lost in mumbo-jumbo. The correct answer, as almost always, is that F=ma.
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