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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Without getting into it, I'll just say I wish I shared your optimism. Truly.
that's not really optimism per se, I think we just see things differently and have a different opinion (just like we have a different opinion about S/U in into darkness where I like how they're developed and don't have any particular issue with the writing when it comes to them ; ) )
I guess I'm less critical, I'm used to read both the comics and the novels so I know what to expect from both kind of devices.

I just won't obsess over things that haven't happened.

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I liked S/U is the first flick, but I confess I thought it was next to useless in this one.
I beg to differ. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't have Spock's speech in that ship on the way to the klingons planet and the writers wouldn't be able to set up his emotional development in the movie that culminated with his reaction when Kirk died.
Kirk had similar issues with him but she was the only one who could make Spock open up about his feelings that way. That speech wasn't just about him admitting that he cares/loves her it was much more than that it was important to get an insight about his character especially after what happened to vulcan.
I've read a review that said they could have made a whole movie only on that and focus more on Spock and the repercussions of the destruction of vulcan but instead we got the usual Kirk movie where everything pretty much revolved about his character growth and this created a lot of missing opportunities.

I think that Kirk's death scene was very out of character for Spock but that speech he made to Uhura makes it a tad less OOC and a tad more justified. This isn't the same Spock before vulcan got destroyed and he saw his mother and Pike dying and in that Kirk's death served as the last straw that broke the camel's back. Without his speech to Uhura and what we are told about him from that, the scene would have resulted even more forced and OOC IMO
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