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Re: Photobucket beta gripe

sojourner wrote: View Post
So, they removed themes? Or am I just not finding the setting?
Can anyone answer this? I've been wondering this, too. I had a nice, restful-on-the-eyes theme before, and now it's all stark white. That is definitely not restful on the eyes.

Unicron wrote: View Post
My apologies for bumping this, but I'm curious about something that perhaps I can get help with (I've already looked at the site FAQ). Has anyone tried the Plus upgrade? I got a message saying I'm apparently "close" to exceeding the 10 GB limit on a free account even though I admittedly have a ton of uploads and have never had this sort of thing before. I'd say that's most likely related to adding new thread bomb pics periodically, but is the upgrade worthwhile? Would it be better to delete some of my older pics or consider an alternative?
Do you mean a pro account? I've had that for years. I consider it worth it, since I never see any ads, and I don't need to worry about exceeding any limits.
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