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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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And while all interesting points, they don't forgive the piss-poor portrayals of women as characters in much of the media so much as rationalize them.
It's often no-win. Diahann Carroll as TV's "Julia" was lauded as progressive for its time, and yet I've heard people scoff, "Yeah, but she was mostly just 'a mother' and 'a nurse' (caring profession), why not a doctor instead?"

Action figure companies learned long ago that female characters are often the peg-warmers in a wave ("Buffy" action figures a relatively recent exception), so females are often the shortpacks. Or left out completely. Galoob TNG series didn't include Troi or Crusher, only Yar. Playmates' first wave had Troi (initially the shortpack) and Crusher was saved for Wave 2, and was often found on the pegs even a decade later! Pulaski and Yar seemed to have smaller production runs as a result.

Are enough female TV writers writing strong female characters who don't only discuss men in dialogue? (We had Jeri Taylor writing Janeway in VOY.)
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