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Re: Anyway to get comprehensive viewing of classic Who?

In terms of mass consumption of episodes seasons-style, there are really only a couple of options available on DVD. "The Beginning" boxset comprises the first three stories ever made, and is basically the first half of Season One (1963/64). If you like these, then the next (complete) stories are available individually.

Season Sixteen (1978) is contained in a boxset called "The Key To Time". This one is basically a story arc containing 26 consecutive episodes, and is the nearest thing Doctor Who has to a 'Complete Season' boxset. "The Trial of a Time Lord" (1986) was also released this way. Again, this is a 'Complete Season', although in TOATL's case the production had been cut down to 14 episodes by that point.

There are two boxsets comprising nearly the entire Season Eighteen (1980/81): "The E-Space Trilogy" and "New Beginnings". Each of these feature 12 episodes, and they are effectively two consecutive trilogies (or one extended story arc across 24 episodes between both sets) which writes out Tom Baker's fourth Doctor and replaces him with Peter Davison's fifth.

There's also "The Black Guardian Trilogy" boxset, which is 12 consecutive episodes from Peter Davison's era (again comprising a complete story arc). This also includes a 'Special Edition' of one story which has been re-edited to a single-episode format closer to the new series.

Personally, I'd recommend any of these. But in particular, the "Key To Time" and both of the "E-Space Trilogy" and "New Beginnings" sets make for a nice little collection of stories to dip your toes into Classic Who. All of them feature Tom Baker's fourth Doctor alongside his companions Romana and K-9, so there's a broader sense of continuity to them as well.
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