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Re: Hinchcliffe Returns!

I like the idea of Hinchcliffe coming back to do two productions, but I doubt he'll be rampantly sticking to the very same template he was using back in 1976. We all change over time, and we have different perspectives on things now than we might have done 40+ years ago. I think it's fair to say he'll be bringing something fresh to them rather than simply pastiching his own earlier era.

A good example is Chris Boucher. He wrote a small handfull of Doctor Who novels in the early 2000s which all featured the Doctor/Leela team that he wrote for in his series scripts. But he came at the stories from a different perspective, having had 30 years to mull over his old scripts and what he might do differently. So while those books had an air of authenticity with Boucher's 1970s scripts, they were still written from a 21st century perspective, which gave them a different flavor.
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