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Re: Most Famous Movie Role

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In your opinion for the following actors, which movie role is each most famous/well-known for?

A) Tom Hanks

B) Mel Gibson

C) Arnold Schwarzenegger

D) Sylvester Stallone

E) Bruce Willis

F) Tom Cruise

G) Will Smith

H) Robert Patrick (other than the T-1000)

I) Harrison Ford

J) Richard Gere

K) Robin Williams

L) Robert DeNiro

M) Jim Carrey

N) Samuel Jackson

O) Jack Nicholson

P) Morgan Freeman

Q) Danny Glover

R) Joe Pesci

S) Eddie Murphy

Bonus Question: Which of the 3 actors above are most famous for their overall work/roles?
A) Woody (though for some great performances see Cloud Atlas).
B) William Wallace.
C) The Terminator.
D) Rocky Balboa.
E) John McClane.
F) Ethan Hunt, though the question barely applies. He's best known for being Tom Cruise.
G) J.
H) Drawing a virtual blank here. That agent from the X Files, maybe.
I) Han Solo.
J) That role in Pretty Woman.
K) Mrs Doubtfire.
L) Jake LaMotta.
M) Ace Ventura.
N) Jules.
O) McMurphy.
P) Red.
Q) Riggs (or was it Murtaugh?).
R) That complete psycho Tommy from Goodfellas.
S) Donkey.

I'd put Cruise, Ford and Nicholson as the most famous.
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