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Re: Family Friendly Countries.

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But do most of the countries regulate these ata national level or a regional level. I suspect it would be the former. So it might not be 100% accurate but that doesn't mean it's inacurate overall.

See, that's the thing. I think it's mixed. Focusing on the national level is too narrow a view. You have to be able to see both the national and federal level in order to formulate a more complete picture. There are just too many variables otherwise.
Agreed. It simply depends on the laws being discussed here. In the US, for example, the federal laws are merely a baseline, but states are free to make said laws more strict if they choose.

The legal purchasing age of alcohol in the US is 21, but there are certain "dry" counties throughout the country where alcohol is completely prohibited, regardless of your age.

Or things like minimum wage. The national minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hour. In Illinois, where I live, minimum wage is currently $8.50, well above the legal minimum.

Or states like New Jersey, where the legal driving age is 18 (I believe).
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