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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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I happen to be at the end of Mordant's Need right now(Terisa just freed herself from Eremis' grasp, and the Domni brothers just walked in expecting to have to save her). I bought Audio downloads and burned them to disk. I had read the first 100 pages of the first book, Gap Series, read it once, listened to it once. Covenant, I've read and listened to a total of abput 4 times, Final chronicles I've read each once through, and listened to them once through. Anxious for the Final Covenant book, in November, but, gonna wait for an audio.
Oooh you're just finishing Mordant. Now i have teh incredibly storng urge to start asking a gazillion questions on what you thought of the characters/plot/themes/etcetera. But that would kinda derail this wonderful SGUniverse rewatch thread so instead im gonna start a Stephen R Donaldson thread if there isnt one already just in case anyone whose read any of his books might care to discuss them or express their opinions on them :P

Im also gonna try to watch some of the latter half of SGUniverse season 1 just to refresh my memory and so i can join in your rewatch discussion without worrying that i might have remembered stuff wrong. Hurries off to watch SGUniverse
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