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Re: Endgame was awesome!

I say, NOT awesome. Lots of problems.
But mainly, the whole part about getting home (the whole point of the series).

It starts out with the near-impossible, Janeway and the Voyager and most of the crew *did* get home after all, within their lifetimes. They've gone on with their lives and so on.

Not too bad, considering the odds were they'd never make it back to Earth.

But that's not good enough for Janeway. It's not as good an outcome as she'd prefer. So let's time travel and alter history so she can personally get a better outcome than the one that panned out.


And mainly because Janeway didn't like the roll call of "who lived/who died"?

She's gotta fix it for Seven and Chatokay, but not for Carey and Hogan and Stadi?

Bad enough Janeway does this--even after the ship and crew DID get home anyway--but VOY already did eps with the villain Annorax altering time and history for the sake of his personal outcome.

So Janeway does the SAME THING as a big heroic finish for the series?

NOT awesome.
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