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Re: Urban Fantasy: Vampire and Witches and Weres, oh my!

Kelley Armstriong's otherworld series and Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series are some fo my favourites so i will look forward to hearing your opinion on them.

I feel i should mention that Bitten was intended as a stand alone novel its only when she came to write a follow up novel and realised it would become a longer series that Kelley Armstrong broadened the world bringing in other races than werewolves. Some readers say that there is a slight difference in tone or the type of story being told between the first novel and the rest of the series because of this. The only difference i have noticed is that the Bitten seems very insular, the majority of the narrative occurs in or close by the packs home territory of Stonehaven and werewolf issues make up the plot, and that changes in the following novels simply because they involve a much broader more varied world for subsequent characters to have adventures in.
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