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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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So what would really happen if someone could theoretically flip the rotation of the Earth like Superman does in the first (?) movie?
Have you ever taken a cloverleaf onramp at a high rate of speed and felt the weight of your body trying to continue you straight forward while the seatbelt/seat/body of the car pushes you into the turn? Well, you're taking that ramp at around 50 miles an hour or so (depending.) The Earth rotates on its axis at 1,000 miles an hour. Or how about doing a hard stop when moving forward at a good clip and your body proceeds forward at the same rate.

So slowing us down at anything but the slowest of rates (which Superman wasn't doing) would probably cause everyone and everything on the planet to lurch forward at several hundred miles an hour. This would obviously be devastating to pretty much everything all man-made structures turn to dust, everyone is thrust into the nearest wall at Mach speed. Tectonic plates lurch at Mach speeds causing world-wide earthquakes simultaneously. Everywhere. Mountains crumble, chunks of them flying around everywhere, hell the plates might dip and catch under one another causing a massive changes in the continents. Massive tsunamis, and then as the Earth rotation is reversed it pretty much happens all over again as things accelerate faster than everything can cope with.
Yes, and the Earth would not go backward in time just because it changes rotation.
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