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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Dude. Said I was done with it, assume you're just trying to poke me for a better response to declare victory on at this point? I'm the emotional asshole, but you'll toss out the same insult one more time to see if I'll bite? Can continue the debate by yourself, as you're just seeing what you want from my posts anyway, and I can't convince you of anything anyway.

Post once more so you can 'win' and have the last word, and then let's give the thread back, k?
haha. There isn't even a debate. There never was. I posted a premise that obviously went over your head. Instead of asking for clarification like an adult you decided to respond like a petulant child. I clarified my original post and my guess is that you probably felt a little silly writing that two post missive in defense of your team which was completely unnecessary. So instead of saying "oh, I see what you are saying" you decided to protect your ego instead and go on the offensive. Then you want to walk away with your "lets get the thread back on track" after posting something you know I will respond to. Let me remind you that you are the one that jacked this thread after my initial post which you completely misinterpreted and wasn't even directed at you.
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