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Re: is the stargate movie any good

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What's the omission?
Oh, that. I think it was omitted because Brad Wright's priority in the re-edit was what made it work best as a standalone movie, so that cliffhanger for the next episode proved unnecessary. Still, I don't think it creates a contradiction; it just omits showing us something. If anything, it makes the revelation in episode 2 more of a surprise. (Although episode 2 probably opens with a recap that includes that scene.)
I agree with your belief regarding the underlying motivation, but I still think it was an unfortunate choice for anyone who'd like to watch the series after seeing it and doesn't know what they're missing.

While I agree it would make what happens in the following episode more of a surprise, IMO it would escalate it to the level of a "WTF? Why weren't there any hints of that in the previous episode?" type of surprise. Or, in Trek, parlance, a surprise on the level of Seven/Chakotay.
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