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Re: Klingon Battle Cruiser

I recall that as well. The "head" of the ship was for officers, separated from the troops in the rest of the ship.

The Klingon battlecruiser is just the best, just as iconic as the Enterprise. It seems the Klingon Bird of Prey is the big favorite, but it can't compare to the D-7.

Look at the D-7, there's no mistaking it for a science vessel or just another starship or anything else but a warship. I agree, very distinctive. It looks mean.

It's got a cobra head, batwings, from the bow it looks like a gunslinger ready to draw, it's all kinds of cool.

Sure, there's the skinny pencil-neck geek thing going on, but it doesn't detract from the awesomeness that is the Klingon battlecruiser. Another stellar MJ work.
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