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Re: decision regarding Rugal incomprehensible!

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In what way? Kotan is a politician, apparently of some importance in the Cardassian government. He is in a position to shape Cardassian policy, for better OR worse. And given he ordered the withdrawal, I'm inclined to believe the former.
Kotan's career is over, either way, they indicated in the episode. Having left his child behind, Dukat's machinations aside, will permanently tar him in Cardassia's family obsessed culture.

But no, honestly, I'm referring to the fact that parents are far from the only influences a child has. At 15 years of age, Rugal isn't a completely malformed ball of clay either.

The ideas he holds in his head will be dangerous in a society like the Cardassians and they will attempt to either brutalize it out of him or simply imprison him if he attempts to act upon them.

It's a parents worst nightmare but very true fact they can't control everything around their children.
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