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Re: At War With The Romulan Empire?

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It's possible, and in my oppinion, more likely, that the Norkan Outpots belonged to some smaller race that bordered the Romulan Star Empire.
Or that they were a series of Federation outposts located in the Norkan System (or the Norkan Sector) along the Neutral Zone.
Yes, my post was meant as an alternative to yours, should have made it clear.

I do find it unlikely that a "massacre" wouldn't have resulted in war between the Federation and the Romulans. The Federation might be pacifist, but never had problems enganging in wars, like with the Cardassians, Talarians and the Tzenkethi. Such war would have been mentioned other times, I'd wager.

Also, such war/massacre would have had to happen before the Tomed Incident, some 50 years before the episode, implying that Alidar Jarok was quite old. Not impossible though, considering Vulcan longevity, which, I suppose, Romulans also have.

However, nothing precludes your scenario, the info we have is simply not enough.
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