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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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We're arguing that the idea of a moneyless society is silly because it would never work. Pointing out that it works on the show is beside the point.
And yet Belz, I've pointed out more than once that moneyless societies have proven to be quite functional. It comes down to meeting people's needs not what form the transaction must take. In a monetary system the general public (i.e. the workers) are essentially paying twice at marked up rates for what they already produced. That's how dispossession works under both forms of capitalism: the corporate form and the statist form.

"Avoid self-destruction, recognize - and renounce money for the impovershing ration system it really was..." -- Matter by Iain Banks page 174.

R. I. P. Iain Banks 1954 - 2013
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