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Re: Drexler's Bring Enterprise To Netflix Campaign

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It seems to me amidst all the hopes that Enterprise might return on Netflix is something obvious being neglected: If the studio wanted to continue Enterprise, they would simply have done so. They don't need money. They don't need distribution. They don't need Netflix.
Studios exist to make money. Netflix has 29.2 million U.S. subscribers, which is far more than the 21.9 million TV subscribers that leading cable provider Comcast Corp has. Netflix has already reshaped home entertainment. Arrested Development has been a big success for them, and they have recently said that they would like to bring other cancelled shows back that had fan followings. Enterprise certainly has a fan following, and it also has name recognition from being a "Star Trek" series. It would bring in the fans, and in turn, help lure more subscribers to Netflix.

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