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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I'm about the only person in the world that loves the 4-foot model more than the 6ft (I came into TNG when 4FT was being used exclusively and to me the 6FT looks ungainly and far too bright) so this era is now prime time for great angles of the ship
Me too as a kid I started watching TNG in its 5th season so to me it is the Enterprise D, I adore the 4 foot model. I didnt see the earlier seasons till much later but I thought the 6 foot model's edged were just too thin and fragile as opposed to the bulky appearance of the 4 footer.

However, the 6 foot model has really grown on me after seeing CBS-D's work remastering it in Season 1. That opening shot of Encounter at Farpoint is a work of art.
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