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Re: Paula Dean fired for being a racist

She wasn't the bankrobber with a gun, after all. My own parents weren't the most evolved people, but they were hardworking and honest. They had faults as we all do. A more evolved person we automatically assume is better, but if they conniving and vapid, we seem to forgive that.

Policies are what we need to care about. In the same way companies greenwash, dumping on her is just an easy way for them to act like they care. Corporate types don't.

I see this as a way to explain to Paula and others that it is Corporate America--not the gov't that provided the roads she and her staff drove on--that is the real enemy.

She is only now feeling its heel--

Seaton Smith was on ALL IN on MSNBC, and cut her a lot of slack. It is stop and frisk that we should rail against. Again, policies.

Not long ago, I watched a documentary about Richard Pryor (Omit the logic) where he spoke at a Gay Rights event, wondering where reciprocal support was. The Supreme Court offered a hand up against DOMA, after showing a back hand to supporters of the Voting Rights Act. It is now time support should be returned.

Jesse Jackson said that Paula Deen can be redeemed:

I agree with him. It is wrong to try to reduce the worth of a persons whole life in having their whole being defined by a blurb, or even some real crimes--otherwise we never get a Justice Hugo Black.

Here is a book that should be required reading in the internet age

Now that Paula Deen has a mark against her that many folks who leave prison also have in preventing them from finding jobs, she will be more sympathetic to the plight of those less fortunate than her. That makes for a great platform, like what Billy Ray Cyrus did with Hillbilly: The Real Story--that actually portrayed unions in a more fair light than Fox.

Now she can be transformed into a Mother Jones. After all, Jack Hanna being a Southerner, may for that reason be a better way to introduce ecology to folks who may balk if done in a more preachy way

This is a moment for the Left to reach out to her, as I see it. It is easier to rage than love--hatred being a more honest emotion. Yet we have to be like Gene Roddenberry in trying to make humanity better, not casting anyone away as worthless.

It will take some doing due to her background, but she could be of real value through a Morgan Spurlock, Joseph Campbell type journey.

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