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Re: Future of the "Terminator" Franchise (Discussion, Rumors, Spoilers

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It's always amusing to me that those who call for a return to the nonexistent golden era of total originality from Hollywood are completely unaware that they're using one of the most hackneyed and tedious complaints imaginable, second only to anything that begins with "The younger generations..." and ends with "these days." in my opinion.
Every year there are dozens, if not hundreds, of films released that are original. The fact that the viewing public eats up sequels shouldn't take away from the amazing films that go unnoticed or released to little fanfare.
And? Where in my post did I say anything that disparages or denies the existence of original films? My point was simply to debunk the oft repeated nonsense idea that there was ever a time in Hollywood history where remakes and adaptations weren't a common thing, with the exception of the very early experimental era, which can't even reasonably be called "Hollywood."
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