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Re: Klingon Battle Cruiser

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If I remember correctly, AMT built the TOS filming miniature as part of a deal that gave them the rights to the retail kit. And then the kit was made directly from the thing itself, not from the usual drawings and publicity stills. This made AMT's Klingon ship the most accurate model of its day-- it was impeccable. Some sci-fi kits nowadays are extremely faithful to a screen-used miniature (Moebius makes some great ones, no doubt with modern computer tools), but in the 1970s most kits were rough approximations, and that went double for most Star Trek kits.
True: no matter what model kit one can think of, I would guess 98% were never screen/miniature accurate. Aurora's "Orion" shuttle from 2001 was a beautiful kit--but next the miniature, there was much to be desired, and let's not even talk about the Romulan BOP, K-7, or early Star Wars kits...

Most were a case of "in the style of.." rather than being an accurate replica.
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