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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

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I find it more difficult to believe that there was only one child concieved onboard Voyager. After all the voyage back to Earth could have been 70 years,
Its the leola root. Most people do not realize that it's a potent birth control agent. For reasons unknown but probably related to her klingon heritage, B'Elanna was immune.

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The question is, is it responsible to knowingly raise a child in the kind of environment where hostile aliens are regularly beaming themselves upon the ship and holding it hostage?

Can you provide the kind of socialization with children of the same age that people generally believe necessary to the healthy development of a human being? The same security? Will the crew treat you the same based on making either decision?
From Deadlock...

JANEWAY: In a way, this child belongs to all of us. It is the first baby born on Voyager. I'm just not sure whether I should be welcoming it on board, or apologizing.
CHAKOTAY: Captain?
JANEWAY: Voyager isn't exactly anyone's idea of a nursery, and the Delta Quadrant isn't much of a playground.
CHAKOTAY: My father had a saying, Captain. Home is wherever you happen to be.

One can find someone in every epoch who will intone that its irresponsible to bring new life into the world "today". But new life is a sign of hope, a big FU to the fates that have tossed Voyager across the galaxy.

I would not be surprised to see more people decide to follow in Tom and B'Elanna's footsteps if they stayed in the DQ for 2 more decades. Providing, of course, the couples are as "compatible" as Turkey Platter and Bacon Lettuce Tomato.
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