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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

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I just don't see the point in arguing an issue that everyone here has probably already argued at some point. Nobody's opinion is going to change on the matter.

I was more wondering whether or not it still seems to be such a hot-button issue in Voyager times.

Obviously, you're not killing a "baby" because there's a possibility it might die. The child will eventually die, the way everyone does.

The question is, is it responsible to knowingly raise a child in the kind of environment where hostile aliens are regularly beaming themselves upon the ship and holding it hostage?

Can you provide the kind of socialization with children of the same age that people generally believe necessary to the healthy development of a human being? The same security? Will the crew treat you the same based on making either decision?
Ok, were Bajorans irresponsible for continuing to have children during the Cardassian occupation? Should they have just stopped reproducing and died out to prevent their kids ending up in work camps?

Should humans have stopped having kids after WWIII and the post-atmoic horror?

Should the crew of the Defiant not have had kids when they crashed on Gaia, alone and unprotected in the past?

Or how about the kids born on NX-01 in EČ?

Sometimes you cannot raise your immediate offspring in the most ideal environment, but you do the best you can and hope it will be better for your grandchildren.
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