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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

Passive agressive smilies aside, you are greatly sensationalizing my comments. How are my examples bad? They are players that were bad eggs on other teams but were productive with the Patriots. That is my point! They are perfect examples of my premise. My whole point is that the "Patriot Way" does not equate to only drafting RKG's (Right Kind of Guy's) as the media would have us believe. The "Patriot Way" as of the last 5 years or so has been to draft needs over "flashy" players and give a second chance to previously troubled players that are nonetheless extremely talented. Just about everybody I listed fits that category. Granted we have no idea what the Tebow situation is going to end up being. I'm not violently agreeing with you. I made a post. You made a rude and condescending response which caused me to elaborate. I'm not arguing with anybody. I'm trying to explain myself to you and even acknowledged my initial post didn't clearly outline my premise. You seem to want to nail me to the cross over this for some reason. Yes, my initial thought was that you were being somewhat of an emotional homer but that was mainly due to the hostility displayed in the way you responded to my first post. I sincerely apologize to you if I am mistaken.
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