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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Man I didn't take any shots at you
Nope, just attempted to brush off my (correct) criticism of your post as the kneejerk reactions of a hysterical fan rather than address my actual point (which was that you picked crap examples and had a faulty premise).

I just elaborated on a post because you seemed to get really defensive about the Pats real fast.
Again, not defensive, not emotional, just picking apart your bad examples. You keep trying to dismiss me by stating that you're just being all logical and rational whereas i'm the emotional fanboy. THAT'S the only point we're having a problem on

All I was trying to do was separate criticism of the Patriots and the media.
Which i'm on board with, agreed with you, yet you keep snapping back to that like we're arguing it. Agree, and even supplemented it.

You keep claiming I'm not making my premise clear. I don't even know what to say at this point. The players I listed are indicative of what I believe to be the real strength of the franchise (except Haynesworth).
Because that's the opposite of what you said when you started. See?

really don't ever want to hear the phrase "the Patriot way" ever again. The media would have you believe that the Patriots are this model to be emulated of players that play the game unselfishly and play the game the "right way." Here is a list of those players from the last few years that make that phrase bullshit[list removed for brevity]
Unless I'm completely missing what you said, you were trying to show a list of selfish Pats players 'playing the wrong way', and that the 'patriots way' nonsense that the media spews doesn't have any basis in reality. While it IS mostly nonsense, you listed players that were bad for other teams, then behaved with the Pats. Or barely played for the Pats at all. Or in Tebow's case, has been there for like 2 practices and was a non-story, so i don't get his inclusion at all. That was really my only point. Aside from Haynesworth, who was cut for being a fat slob pretty quickly, those examples DON'T show that at all. Tebow hasn't played a snap for the Pats, not sure why you'd even bother to include him at all, you were just short on names I guess...

I'm really struggling to understand what your problem is at this point.
Just that you were trying to make some point similar to 'Christianity is full of thugs', and then tried to use Mother Theresa and Jesus as your examples Not by any stretch saying the Pats are like that, just highlighting how badly your examples supported your point is all.

We cool?
As long as you just address what I'm actually saying instead of trying to handwave it away as hysterical fanboy defensive nonsense, we don't have any problems. If you want to debate what I'm ACTUALLY saying, we can do that, though. But like I said, you're mostly just violently agreeing with me, except for the examples you keep trying to force that just don't work
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