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Re: TNG Caption This! 318: Proper Observation

Thanks for the win!

Rick Berman: This guy doesn't look half bad. Is Sean Connery available to play Picard? We can do a time travel episode and replace him!

Data: Second Officer's Log, supplemental. I will be filing a protest with the Starfleet Affirmitive Action Office to being singled out every night to fill the night shift by myself. Just because I don't sleep doesn't mean I don't have personal needs.

Data: How did these primitive humans accomplish anything with these rudimentary tools? I need a tricorder.

Siritis: I heard they were going to kill one of us next script!
Crosby: Run! Maybe if we're not around for screening they'll just kill Wesley off!

Worf: Dictating the captain's log again, huh?
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