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Re: decision regarding Rugal incomprehensible!

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...Rugal's behaviour showed where the truth lay very eloquently - he ran to Proka embracing him and was visibly distressed when it looked as though they were going to be seperated. That's not how you react to someone who's mistreated you.
Psychology tells us that this, in fact, is how you might react to someone who mistreats you. Particularly when their constant insults towards your kind have convinced you that you DESERVE this kind of treatment.

You can't own a child like a possession
This is not about ownership. The child does not have the maturity to make this kind of a decision. Particularly a child who has been told that his identity is "wrong".

Pa'Dar does not have to own his child to make a decision in his best interest.

I'm absolutely certain they had no intention whatsoever to damage Rugal psychologically in any way - they just couldn't help how they felt.
I don't know that I would say that anyone ever has the intention to damage their children psychologically, but that doesn't seem to stop them from abusing them.

I can't really speak to Cardassia or Bajor, but I don't know of any Canadian court that would return a child to abusive parents on the basis that they did not intentionally abuse their child.

Kids don't want to do a lot of things. That's why adults make decisions for them. What the child wants in this situation is irrelevant. The adults are stepping in to make sure he gets what he needs.
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